Design + code.

Creative focus: Design tools and (visual) programming languages.

  • Design Tools — Human Interface

    Lead programmer on Mica, Apple's proprietary UI prototyping tool, working directly with the UI prototyping team.

    Built a full-featured JS-to-native library similar to PyObjC. Supports subclassing Obj-C from JavaScript, Obj-C/C in-out arguments, and more.

    Built a prototype visual programming language. Supports live editing of Swift via dynamic recompile and reload.

  • Design and Technology

    Co-founder. Responsible for design (interiors, marketing collateral, and website), internal apps, and more.

  • Lead iOS Developer

    Design, implementation and maintenance of enterprise iOS apps. Designed and built a server-configurable iPad news reader for a large enterprise sales team.

  • Designer and iOS developer

    Designed and built Spot, a design-focused location wishlisting app with a polished and compelling user experience.

  • Staff Engineer

    Helped create a visual programming environment for JavaFX

  • Independent Software Developer

    iOS App consulting, design and programming.

    Co-founded HoodHot Inc. Designed and built Tokyo Teleport, an iOS travel guide to Tokyo. Really, a pocketable travel show incorporating professionally produced video segments, offline maps, and more.

  • Bicycle Tour!

    Denmark, Germany, Holland, Belgium, Luxembourg, Switzerland, Italy

  • Senior Scientist/Engineer

    Built and maintained the FireWire user client. Helped develop the FireWire driver stack for OS X. Gained extensive experience with professional software development and multithreaded and asynchronous software.

Languages Supported

Swift, Objective-C/C, TypeScript, some Danish and Mandarin, and a little bit of French, Ruby, Java and more.